Vintage Appliances

Trendy and fun, vintage appliances are admired for the identity they carry. The kind, period, style and state of the vintage kitchen appliance a buyer selects is just as much a subject of private preference as the creame and sugar placed in coffee made from the percolator.

About Vintage Appliances

Vintage kitchen appliances are a popular choice as opposed to the costly, stainless steel appliances typically found at department stores. Manufactured in the 20's during the art deco period and gave birth to some of the very popular vintage appliances today. Against the rise in earnings, practical appliances blossomed into lovely, domestic artwork pieces. Including refined, shaped lines and frequently made from chrome and gold, these vintage appliances are sought after for their satisfying looks.

Kitchen appliances made after World War II are items of the "Rise of Consumerism." After growing up in the Depression and surviving the war, Americans craved peace and prosperity. The home became a sanctuary, as well as the authorities assured consumerism as a way to prosperity. In response to consumer demand, manufacturers made an unprecedented number of appliances. Kitchen appliances in the post World War II period represent a surge in the number of time-saving appliances.

The tendency toward initiation continued in the 1960s. New production technologies meant that mass-production of appliances was potential. At this time, manufacturers began producing appliances of lower-quality to fast their gadgets to be replaced by consumers more rapidly as a method to increase earnings. While kitchen appliances in the 1960s may not be just as permanent as other vintage kitchen appliances, there's a larger range of colour and types to reflect trends and new production engineering.